Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Helmeted Up And Heading West

Riding across Nevada and California this morning I’m missing Arizona. This hemit that I have to wear here  is making my head itch! And Arizona is just like home. It’s a regressive red state. Its senator  mccain ran for president once, and picked our ½ term former governor to be his running mate. He said in a interview that picking ? can’t remember her name was the best decision he ever made. Wow what was the worst decision he ever made?

If Arizona had cruise ships like we do, of course they would be allowing dumping of raw sewage in pristine ocean waters just like our state government just allowed.
Ifen they had oil companies like we do, hell yes they would want to be  giving the wealthiest corporations on the planet a couple of billion dollars of the public’s money, just like our state government wants to do. And if  we had illegals sneaking across the border like Arizona does,  Laskans when done with shooting wolfs from helicopters would use those aircraft to round up illegals,  except no Canadian would want to sneak into  amerika.

I saw a billboard In Arizona with a huge picture of a  machine gun and a address where you could go to shoot the real thing.
We do not have  billboards in laska, but I’m thinking we need em.  Can you be totally regressive without em?
I can vision miles of billboards along the Glenn highway between the valley and Anchorage.
Huge lit up signs. With  pictures of bulldozers destroying  streams with more salmon in em  than water, and blazing  florescent letters spelling out PEBBLE  MINE WE GET COPPER AT ANY COST!

Yep we got a ways to go in laska to totally destroy the environment.  But fortunately we have  all regressive legislature, and governor in Juneau, and they are working hard to not only devastate the environment, but working hard to enact jim crow type voting laws, prevent all Alaskans from having affordable  health care,  and destroying  civil and workers’ rights.

Watching the morning tvee show, interviewing the likes of karl rowe talking aboot how the republican party needs to change. I’m thinking they do not need to change. They blatantly  work for the wealthiest corporations. Not the American people, and they are doing a dam good job of turning this nation into a third world country. What needs to change are the voters who support regressive republicans who work against the middle class... 

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