Friday, March 1, 2013

The Ajo Trail

Headed out of Tucson this a.m., did just a short stint on the interstate then caught highway  86

I’m headed for the Organ Pipe Cactus  National Monument.
Once out of town a ways, I start to notice lots of roadside graves. Every few miles is another grave. These are not just the cheap plastic flower kind of roadside  graves you find in the north these are concrete, and brick structures. These grave markers are built to last an eternity.  All these graves are christian. No stars of David, no wicken, no muslim, just christian crosses. Could some power unknown to atheists like me  exist on this stretch of road, or are christians just lousily drivers? I may never know.

Roadside Grave Marker No Room In The Cemetery For You
The other thing I notice is the border patrol has a huge presence here. Just aboot every other vehicle is a border patrol vehicle and before the day is done I go through two road side check points, and are asked if I am a us citizen.
The monument  Organ Pipe Cactus,is magnificent. Unspoiled landscape, huge saguaro cactus, ancient  volcanoes, and evidence of pyroclastic flow. (I have wanted to use pyroclastic flow in a blog for a very long time)

Cactus No Touching
Looking Up
It was a great day in the sun, but the lodging prospect were kinda slim. I lucked out and rented a stationary RV with running water for the evening. Wow!

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