Thursday, February 28, 2013

World Famous

Lots of stuff here in the Phoenix area is world famous.

World famous baseball teams come here in springtime  to train and play under the sun  here in Cactus League games.
Just the other day we watched the world famous Chicago White Sox tromp on the world famous Texas Rangers.
Those boys set my gaydar off, and I was thinking Isn’t arizona just as regressive as laska and those boys could be shot for public displays of affection  like that, but its world famous baseball and it’s ok.
It just so happens that lots of folks here ride motorcycles and my peeps hooked me up with another rider, who hooked us up with some other riders, and I got to ride with them to a world famous biker bar.

This place is packed on the weekends with riders coming and going, feasting on the food and drink offerings.   On a weekday afternoon under the February sun it was the perfect place to hang out with some other riders, and swap ride routes and tall tales of riding.

They may not be famous but they sure are great. Great Blue Herons have adapted to the mega urban area of Sun City and can be found building nests high above the club house pond.
Nest Building
Gas costs less here than in Alaska or California, and the city is built for vehicles. Huge intersections move traffic at a fast pace. It is a bit unnerving being on a bike here, all you can do is have your wits aboot you and go with the flow…

Sun City

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  1. The biker bar is in Cave Creek! Definitely a biker town. And hippie artists too. So a nice mix. We have friends who live up there.

    For all the horrible Tea Party insanity here, we, like Alaska, have so much natural beauty that it helps to soften the blow.

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip!