Sunday, March 3, 2013

Scooter Trash

When I was riding to the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument  I had to cross the Tohono O’odham Nation. They did not have agents stationed  along the way to ask me aboot my citizenship. Their washroom at their gas station was not the cleanest, and no employee came to wash my hands, in spite of the sign that said Employees Must Wash Hands.
What they have is something better than just aboot every place I have traveled to in Arizona. It is legal, free, and it enhanced my day.

Are you ready to hear what they have…Drum roll please. They have commercial free community radio, that plays contemporary   , and native music, airs local events, and weather. The station is owned by Alaska’s  own Koahnic Broadcast Corporation, who operates Anchorages KNBA. What a treat, and such a shame that most of amerika has settled for clear channel, and endless adds for telephones, tires, tvees, toilet tissue, teepee's, transistors, traps, towers, telescopes, transportation, tanning, toning, tuning, trucks, towing,  and on and on and flipping on…

This afternoon I went to see the thing that finished off the Colorado River natural echo system and ushered In amerikan consumerism's, that’s right one of the marvels of the modern world…The Hoover Dam! Or as they say in Bolder the Boulder  Dam.
The Big Lift

Security just waved me on through the check point. No need to ask Electra Glide riders for their papers.
I’m going back in the morning to do some real photos of the dam, so I wanted to stay close. Boulder  City is aboot as close as you can get. As I roll into town looking for lodging better than a stationary   motor home there must be 400 scooters riding around. The local cops are making noise and flashing lights trying to stop em from destroying the entire town.
These people ain’t got no colors. They ain’t got no patches. They got hair  color that matches their scooters paint.  Flipping Scooter trash and they rode from Vegas where they are having a Scooter rally, with over 500 of em at one of the hotels. They might have to call in the Border Patrol to help with security for this crowd.
Vintage and New Scooters Line the Main Street of Boulder City Nevada

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