Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I rented a car this morning. A sleek black Chevrolet, Impala it’s called.  I rented Impala to pick up Huckleberry, she is flying into Oakland airport. I have never been to Oakland airport or driven an Impala on the California freeways. A morning of firsts.

Zumo trickster GPS of the Raven Clan leads the way. As usual she is up to her tricks, except today when I want to be on the major highway Zumo is screaming to get off freeway 880. In spite of the gps Impala and I find the airport.

Our old friends, California gay marriage banning proposition 8 originator and supporters, the mormons are here at the gate waiting also, I hope they are not waiting for Huckleberry! Turns out they are not. They are waiting for a  group of young virginal children dressed in dark clothing and wearing name tags. They remind me of cruise ship passengers, aboot to embark on a doomed sailing.
No checked baggage to collect, so it’s off in Impala. Our first stop beside the toll plaza on the San Mateo Bridge is the world famous Pez Museum.

That’s curator  Gary Doss giving us the tour of his extensive collection of Pez.

Snoopy Pez dispenser and his faithful Sopwith Camel

After the museum we headed south out of the city. Motored through the Salinas Valley. Farm machinery was plowing the fields. Getting them ready for spring planting. Other fields were glimmering with lettuce. The hills the fields, all are so green.

 Past Salinas my phone rings. It is against the law to talk on a phone  or text while driving a car in California.  Ok I will answer it. It is the owners of Impala. They want to know how I liked renting a car from them, and how Impala is doing. Well I told them. We haven’t crashed yet.  I didn’t mention that I was breaking the law holding my phone telling them this. We had several good laughs after the call thinking of things I should of said. How do you get the air bag back into the steering wheel? Where is the fire extinguishers? Yes I need to know right now!...
Traveling through a thunder storm I discover how the windshield wipers work, and catch a glimpse of a north bound rider leaning into his windshield to avoid the dousing. Impala is nice but she ain’t no bike.  Smoke off to the west, looks like lightning started a fire.

Turning off 101 onto highway 46 west bound to our destination for today Cambria…

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