Monday, March 25, 2013


To get out, in, or just aboot anywhere here in the Bay Area means riding on multi-lane  freeways with lots of traffic. The speed limit on highways  101, 280… is usually 65 mph  except for vehicles with 3 or more axles, then it’s 55.

Bikes here can pretty much do whatever it takes to stay alive. Split lanes, weave through roads that have become parking lots, ride in the carpool lanes… Riding here is not quite as much fun as playing Sunday pass all the cars on the Seward Highway, but it keeps you engaged, hands on the bars.

Pulling out onto 101 Sunday morning with aboot 50 riders  from the Golden Gate HOG Chapter, the old adage Safety in numbers came to mind, and just like the fictional Moses parting the red sea we parted the traffic on the highway. Over the Bay Bridge, through a long tunnel that reverberated with the sound of all those bikes. East towards the Sacramento River Delta, well except for one parking lot tour after a fuel stop in Oakley, and it was only a few miles the wrong way on the freeway, no dead end dirt roads or gravel pits.
Highway 160 took us on top of the levees that separate the river delta from some of the richest farm land in California, and over steel deck draw bridges.

Delta Draw Bridge

The restaurant Giusti's has been on the levee for a lot of years, most likely been under water a few times. The building sorta leans.  The menu was simple, and everything was $12.00. Our group didn’t even overwhelm the kitchen staff. Good food, good service, and the Golden Gate HOGS are a great group to ride with, and they  even invited me back! 
HOG Golden  Gate Chapter 310 Members Having Some Fun

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