Friday, March 22, 2013

My State is Pathetic

Events back home in Alaska has filled my heart with Sorrow.

Because we are the wealthiest state in the union, and because we have t bag regressive republicans in charge of our State Government, workers’ rights and public safety issues, just are no concern in Juneau.

 Manokotak Village Public Safety Officer Thomas Madole  went to defuse a domestic violence situation unarmed (required of vpso) and without backup. He was murdered by a villager with an assault weapon with a big clip. Thank you NRA.
Officer Madole  had no back up or weapon because  real  public safety in rural Alaska costs too much. Alaska State Troopers in rural Alaska have aboot 150,000 square miles each to patrol.If that isn't stretching public safety to extremes then what is? 

What doesn’t cost too much and has been the top priority of our oil company employee/governor for the past couple of years is to give the wealthiest corporations  on the planet (cono phillips, bp) a couple of billion dollars in tax breaks. Alaskans for giving up those billions get from the oil companies…Nothing.
Senate bill 21 got passed the other day.
The vote went like this…              

Yeas: bishop, coghill, dunleavy, dyson, fairclough, giessel,
huggins, kelly, mcguire, meyer, micciche

Nays: Egan, Ellis, French, Gardner, Hoffman, Olson, Stedman,
Stevens, Wielechows

Of course my own t bag regressive  oil company employee/senator meyer was among the Yeas. But then I have never supported or voted for him. Lots of laskans voted for those Yeas. Lots of laskans voted against their own best interest. Voted for representatives who most likely just violated their oath  to the Alaska Constitution.

Lower and lower the regressives push the bar. Wake up Alaska. Impeach all who supported a giveaway of our resources.

We Promote Alaska This Way


But this is who we are. Pathetic

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