Sunday, March 17, 2013

Few Thousand Miles

I launched on this trip to Northern California on a weekend mainly because the weather looked the best for the next few days. So far I haven’t been disappointed. It’s been cool and humid. But that is fine.
Rain by Tuesday is the forecast.  I packed real light and left without coffee or my French Press, and paid the price this morning in Fort Bragg. I’ve’ had mormans make me better coffee than in Bragg this morning. It affected my judgment and now I find myself without my HOG map book. Flipping lost because of crap coffee!

Whale Festival in Fort Bragg means the light house is open, and people sit above the sea with spy glasses hoping to see whale flutes or a breath from the ocean.

Whale Festival in Barrow means blood, and feasting on our cousin Whale.
Point Cabrillo light  got here because Whaling ships didn’t like crashing into the rocks.

Californians have protected and preserved this natural place on the coast. You can look out at the crashing waves and not even know that 7 billion humans or so are behind you.
Non riders may not know that when you ride into a left turn you push down on the left handlebar. Curving to the right you push down on the right bar. Riding over this section of the Coast range the curves are so sharp, so sudden that you have to pull out before you can push down. Weightlessness happens   as you twist around at the eye watering speed of 30 mph.
Rusted industrial revolution tree harvesting  machine.

Wearily traveling north on 101 I see up in the distance a sign. Could it be? Yes it is..
Feeling better now I enter the Avenue of the Giants…

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