Saturday, February 9, 2013

zumo se perd

Zumo Gets Lost
Golden BC Friday morning was a balmy 25 above. Mary’s Motel is my new headquarters when in Golden. Reasonable rates, nice enough rooms, good internet connection, and right in town so you can walk around the downtown.

Downtown Golden BC Kicking Horse Mountain In The Background

The local café Big Bend  served up some great breakfast. Trones ordered up some Corned Beef hash that was defiantly not the caned Dinty More variety. Sautéed veggies chunks of meat and chicken eggs on the side. I ordered up the special  scramble with ham,  brown bread included, and was not disappointed.

When we  got around to getting on the road I programed Zumo my trickster gps of the raven clan to the hamlet of Cranbrook. She threw up a fit and led us on a parking lot tour of Golden. We finally pulled out the maps and found highway 93 south, which was the same highway I rode into Golden northbound in 2009.

The road is more fun on two wheels but delightful on a February morning in our carriage. Radium Hot Springs advertises ESPRESSO this is a must stop!  The coffee was ok but not up to my standards. Had I not been desperate for espresso I would have splained to the girl that you NEVER NEVER pull a shot directly from the machine into the cup. And you NEVER NEVER NEVER pull a shot into a dry cup. Amateurs…

 Highway 95 all the way to Cranbrook. A bustling berg that even has a Harley-Davidson dealer. Food and gas stop, and Zumo set for our destination in Spokane  Washington.

Highway 95 all the way to Kingsgate our border crossing for the day.
This border doesn’t have the huge yellow scanners for trucks that other crossings have had. They have a boom truck with a scanner that they have to go out to operate as the trucks roll slowly through.
We get our passports checked then we have to pull around the corner and wait for the Agricultural border officer. We are getting shook down at the border.  She finally comes out and splains that we do not have enough weapons to enter amerika. We don’t know what to do. Will we have to spend eternity in Canada, a un armed country,  trying to figure out the lower end of the Celsius scale. No we are in luck. She leads us to a huge warehouse full of weapons that the Canadians have confiscated  from  north bound amerikans.

 I select a pair of chrome pearl handle 45. Trones goes for the Glocks with 50 bullet magazines. Armed to the teeth, we head into Idaho shooting signs as we go. I see a bald eagle pearched on a power pole,  and fire a shot off. I hit the pothead instead. Bet the power is still out at Kingsgate…

South of the border Zumo is telling us to turn on highway2. I check the map, and this looks like the best way to go. So we do. Cruzing south west on highway 2 Zumo is lost. Turn right. Turn left. Turn right. On and on. We are relying   on Zumo to take us to a house on 10 avenue in Spokane, and she is totally lost…Big city here we come. .         

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