Monday, February 11, 2013

Spokane U.S.

We delivered the car. The clean pearl white Subaru  we started out with is still stained with the dirt of Yukon, BC and Alberta. Perhaps Sunday will be bath day for the  carriage. Zumo after some fits north of here took us right to Trone’s brother’s door.
That door is on this magnificent Victorian era house that through the years has been home to prominent Spokane families. Declined into  a duplex, then lovingly restored to the home it is today.
This house has evolved. Indoor plumbing was a new concept when it was built ….Electricity was just magic back then.

Today the house’s  toilets flush, ample hot water arrives to the showers. The pioneers who lived here would think us foolish to complaine aboot walking to the corner to use the free internet connection at Huckleberry’s…Hell they would have saddled up a pony and drug a desktop up there.

Urban hiking to the top of the highest hill in town yesterday we breathlessly stumbled upon The Cathedral of Saint John the Evangelist. The building is an authentic Gothic Cathedral in the shape of a cross, like one you might find in Europe.

The sign by the door said it was open for tours so in we went. We woke up the tour guide who was very happy to see us and she splained lots aboot  the building and her friends that worship under the roof. She took me over and showed me where actual fossils were fossilized right there in the actual stone that makes up the interior walls of the cathedral.

Had I not been on my best behavior, and had I not been a guest I would have pushed her on the Irony of having the actual evidence of evolution, and  creation stuck into the stone of the very building where she and her pals worship a make believe deity who didn’t just go away on holiday and see some light, and say Hay I like that I will take some…. He just made light…
The Cathedral’s organ looked like something I would like to hear played and it just so happened that It was the Second Sunday concert and Douglas Cleveland was in town to give that 1343 Aeolian Skinner Opus a play. Play he did. What music came from those Cathedral’s pipes. The fossils  danced with the saints, and the music made us all one.

Saint Johns at Night

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  1. I'm surprised that no one has bothered to tell you this, but Episcopalians don't take the Bible literally, many have read Darwin's "Origin of the Species," women and men are equal, gays are welcome and equal (including as clergy), and most of them read "heretical" works by John Shelby Spong and others who challenge old creedal statements as needing an update.

    It's quite a cathedral - the only one that (at the time we were married there over 50 years ago) was built during the lifetime of the architect.

    I enjoyed your piece, except for the part born of ignorance.