Thursday, February 7, 2013

Les champs de glace Parkway West View Bound

Ice fields Parkway West Bound View
We woke up at the Comfort Inn in Dawson Creek BC. That was a good thing cuz that is where we went to sleep.  The red headed girl  at the counter wasn’t going to give up 10% unless we were persistent.  She was wearing me down, then Trones went in. 10% off was ours  after hearing aboot the first 1000 miles of our trip.

Our room was very nice, three times as large as our room at Laird, and we didn’t have to worry aboot the building burring down around us. The sheets were whiter than george wallaces Alabama. We slept good, and the hotel served breakfast. Free.

Looking for, drilling for, transporting, and just plain using up is the big thing in this part of British Columbia. Pickups are the vehicles everyone uses.
We cross over to Alberta on our way out of town. Alberta is my favorite Provence. Its huge, rural. Albertans ranch and are proud of their cows.
We roll into Grande Prairie.  Oil extraction industry and its workers are everywhere. 21 mpg is aboot the best we have got on this trip. Being part of the problem is easy when the scenery is pleasant.

We haven’t decided how we are getting back to amerika yet. At Grande Prairie we more or less commit to a drive through the Avenue of the Glaciers, and yes I get to see this road going the other way.
We roll through the park. Massive mountains shrouded in clouds, glacier blue ice peeking out once in a while.

Cloumbia Ice Field
Lake Louise is a needed fuel stop, and then on to Golden BC.
The Mounties are lined up reminding east bound skiers that you might be able to go as fast as you want on the ski slopes 60 kmh is how you will drive on this stretch of road.
We are heading to Golden for the night.
Golden BC The End  And Start To Great Road Trips

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