Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hitching A Ride

Yesterday was a great day to ride from Lake Havasu to Sun City. Casual breakfast at The Red Onion, another  short parking lot tour with my pal K then on the road to Parker. Two lane highway 72 takes us out into the desert.  The road is mostly flat. We catch up to a group of 4 other riders and are burning up this stretch of road until a west bound rider signals police ahead. slowing  down to a legal limit for a cruise through the speed trap. The group we were following stop at Salome and we head off towards Wenden. At Aguila we stop for a break. From here it is hard to believe the huge city of Phoenix is just a few miles away.

Traveling Light

Into town getting some maintenance work done at Arrowhead HD, then  onto spring training

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  1. Ah, spring training. You're probably talking about the Peoria Complex. Used to live just 2 miles from there. Still shop near the mall. Happy days - it's going to warm up quite a bit for the weekend. Have fun!