Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Road To Yucca

The road to Yucca from Victorville is only aboot 70 miles long. Riding the other morning it was like summer riding   in Alaska. Electric vest, gloves, the liner from my FXRG jacket, all under my riding jacket. Leather chaps, boots, the whole gambit of motorcycle gear all plugged in and keeping me moving.
Besides being cold it seemed like the trip would never end. I kept looking at the mileage. 22 miles to Yucca. Later I would look again 22 miles to Yucca. Next glance 21 miles to Yucca. Is this a treadmill road with just the scenery going by?

Cholla Cactus

The high desert has been having a touch of weather. Not unusual for this time of year. When I meet my pal in Yucca I find out that where we are going, Lake Havasu the desert has greened up from some recent rain.

The London Bridge is here. I wonder if the queen know aboot this?

London Brrdge

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