Thursday, February 21, 2013

Out Where The Tumbleweeds Blow

I headed south out of the Bay Area this morning. The combat riding this morning wasn’t real bad. The usual slow ups at Stanford’s exit. Getting on 101 south I remembered to use the carpool lane, way easier. To get on that 6 lane road that way, and it might even be legal for bikes to use the carpool lane?

Exiting 101 at Hollister for some fuel and pit stop. Not the nicest little lady at the gas station, but at least the washroom key wasn’t attached to a truck rim, or some other enormous item.

The Airline Highway south is always a pleasant ride, and today was no exception.  The hills were green, the cows were grazing, and the tumbleweed was on the road in a couple of spots. Two shady spots had snow on the side of the road, and it was best to slow down and be careful.

I am heading to Lake Havasu but the road over Tehachapi Pass, my preferred route most likely has snow on it, so I swing south and have to ride on Interstate 5 for a while. Not my favorite road. You have to run 80mph just to keep up with the traffic. Soon I am on two lane highway, wow still lots of traffic.
Made it to Victorville to a motel 3. It used to be a motel 6 but that was a while ago. The nonsmoking room I got still has burns on the counter tops. It has been painted but the carpet was never changed. Oh well not the best, but it was time to be off the road…

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