Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bus 42

The Spokane part of this trip is over. It’s been interesting hanging out here for a couple of days… Having new stuff to shoot is always fun…
Monroe Street Bridge through the Division street bridge railing.

This city has some great places to walk and some dam steep hills, to get up and down. Some nice neon.
Some huge shopping centers, and eclectic thrift stores that kept Trones, and her brother  busy for hours and hours, and Gargoyles. Not every town has Gargoyles but Spokane has at least two.
Looks like this little fella works out

Unlike other holidays where I would be traveling back north to home  I am traveling south to be with my ice free motorcycle. I plan on riding  her to Arizona for some sun.
Because I worked Union for a lot of years, and because I got lots of gray hairs I can do what I want now.
My union IBEW 1547 and all unions in Alaska are under attack because our t bag mayor wants to end collective bargaining. Laska is ripe to become a right to work state and the regressives are firing the first shot at the Assemble meeting tonight.
I’m ashamed to live in a country where workers’ rights are pushed aside for dollars.
I’m sickened to live in a country where owning a gun is more important than having a say in your workplace.
The regressives use the god delusion to make everyone knell in the pew,  move the pebble from one sacred  teaching to another, and call  mass ignorance conservative.
We didn’t stop scott walker in Wisconsin, we didn’t stop right to work in Michigan, and I doubt our voices will prevail in laska…
Wake up amerika!

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