Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sommes-nous autorisés à manger dans la voiture?

Are We Allowed To Eat In The Car?
A good nights rest was to be had at the Midnight Sun B&B. Our hosts were most gracious, the shower had plenty of hot water. We were  served up a tasty breakfast, and were offered lively conversation.
On the road south bound, some open water on the mighty Yukon lets some moisture into the air at sunrise…
Sunrise on the Yukon at Whitehorse

On the road to Teslen the road is sanded and it is very easy to exceed the 100 km speed limit, and I only did for …a while.  We roll across the metal surface and dam this bridge is rougher in a cage than a bike.

This Bridge Shot Is For You Daisy Corn.

Munching on scones, ginger cookies, and the legendary road food pringles, we realize we never asked if we could eat in Trones’s brother new car. Oh well too late now.

We only saw Raven and tracks in the snow,  but after Watson Lake we see lots of Caribou’s. Then off in the distance we see a very large brown object. It can’t be a bear. Bears are sleeping. It’s too big for a moose. Could it be Big Foot? Aboot the right size and color. No it’s a Bison. The first of many we see today.
These Bison find food by sticking their head under the snow and with their nose on the ground turn those enormous heads back and forth to clear the snow off some grass.
We get to see a lot of Bison. Very nice.

We can see Laird river off to the right and as we drop down the hills we start to see some open water then up ahead some wispy clouds hang around the corner. We are getting close to the Hot Springs our destination for the day.
We drive past the derelict lodge that looks closed but is where we have a reservation for the evening. The lodge isn’t much but the hot springs are WONDERFUL, and quite improved since I last stopped here in the 70s.
Night Sky at Laird Hotsprings

Today Wednesday we travel the Alcan and stop at a favorite for breakfast.

Toad River Good Food And Service.
We see elk, moose, and fox along the highway. Mountain road, and straightaways. The road is more fun on two wheels but traveling in the winter on four is its own special journey.  The winter lends another layer of remoteness to the road, and keeps you alert..

We share the driving and conversation, sitting in the passenger seat the sun shining I doze. South south we go. Out of the north now. Now at the end of the Alcan…

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  1. Very different journey for you this time, but thank you for taking us with you.