Monday, February 4, 2013

Le Soleil sur nos visages

The Sun On Our Faces

We started out this morning from where we left off yesterday. Tok.  First thing was to brew a pot of Kaladi Koffee. Fast Eddies served us up some chicken eggs for breakfast, and cream in tiny packages that without my glasses I almost used a flavored one, and well that would have not been good.
On the road as the sun was rising.

Sunrise on The Alcan Highway

Heading to the border. We see lots of wild animal tracks off the sides of the Alaska Highway, but the only wild life we encounter is Spruce hens, that do not seem to even notice a carriage of steel and glass screaming by them inches away.
The border crossing was pretty routine. The officer could tell by the roof rack with tires that we were pros at northern travel. He did make me back up our carriage to the stop sign so he could get a proper photograph of our license plate. After he checked us out and over, he asked me another strange border crossing question that has to rate right up there with “Is that a hard plastic brim on your hemit? He asked me if I knew anyone in Canada. I said I did not but on a trip across the northern prairies a couple of years ago I was in Toronto the same time as the Queen, and had a photo of her in my pocket book to prove it. He wished us safe travels.

Save travel and shooting is what we had…

North Bound Plow and Pickup
Whisking along in a climate controlled carriage of glass and steel gets old so you have to stop. At one of those stops I could smell gas. We found the leak to be coming from the spare gas can high atop our carriage in the roof rack with the tires. On the second climb up to the roof rack we solved the issue by putting some gas in the tank and properly securing the lid!

All along our route you can spot sections of the original Alcan Highway, and at Aishihik River we spotted one of the original wooden bridges.

By far the most thrilling thing we saw all day was around Destruction Bay.  Charging out of the woods and into the road was a very fast Wolverine. It was not posing for photos…

Not a good shot of a Wolvering but the best shot I got.
Tonight in Whitehorse sleeping like a Egyptian in the Egyptian room at midnight sun B &B

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