Sunday, February 3, 2013

No Return View

Most road trips in Alaska involve returning on the same road you left on. This trip is different, it’s one way, all the way down the Alaska Highway, and since it is winter it is on 4 wheels instead of two.

On the plus is side we get snacks!
Pringles on the Tok Cutoff
Also in the plus side is the temperature. Last week in the holy city of Glennallan it was -30. Today it is +13, and another plus is the washrooms at the hub were way cleaner today than in the summer.
On the Tok Cutoff we saw more animals that other cars.
Cariboos heading off to watch Superbowl
Easy drive into Tok on a spring like day in February.
Looks like Tok won't be seeing any fresh dary for a while....

On to Whitehorse Yukon in the a.m.

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