Thursday, February 14, 2013

Boeing Today

We had tickets to for the live TSA show at Spokane International Airport  this morning.  The woman checking id’s looked at my passport, looked at me, looked at my passport, and then looking over her reading glasses. She gave me the eye.  It was as if she knew that I once was let back into amerika using Huckleberry’s passport, and there wasn’t a dam thing she could do aboot it.
It took 4 plastic totes to get  my shoes, computer, camera, jacket, chap stick, and my chrome lipstick case through the scanner. I passed through the metal detector without a sound, and so did Trones. But I could tell the man guarding it wanted us to set it off. He wanted to strip search us.  The TSA  put on a fine performance, and leaving the theater, we and the other travelers gave them a rousing round of applause.

We were soon on our way west to Seattle. For the first time in many flights the plane wasn’t even full. We were served packages of juice, and little packages of tiny, tiny pretzels and crackers.

The flight was short,  and as I tried to doze the cabin crew had an announcement and a thank you for almost everything. They must have taken off with the announcement list for a much longer flight and had to use them up…

Trones went home to shovel snow, and I to my Ice Free Motorcycle here in California.

Ice Free All Shined Up And Ready To Ride

Sunshine sure feels good and so does riding again.

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