Friday, December 21, 2012

Only In amerika

Like most days I was listening to my favorite public radio station, which incidentally  is willing to accept an end of year cash donation, when on the hour the news was aired

Seems the man handpicked by Charlton Hesston to head up the marketing arm of the amerikan gun manufacturers association, was aboot to speak on the most recent tragedy caused by his product.   
   I was holding my breath awaiting Mr. lapierre’s words, when suddenly   a heckler started yelling at the great man his self.  
The Liberal woman yelled at Wayne for way longer than I thought they would allow, but then was quickly dispatched by security, and likely nailed to a chunk of wood so she could be an important part of evening target practice.
When the gun/snake oil  salesman finally got to speak his words were riveting.

The only way to stop a bad man with a gun is with a good man with a gun.
 I was awed! But that was not all he had to say. He had a plan to end gun violence in our schools.  I held my breath because I knew that this plan must have been sent to him from heaven above, perhaps from Charlton his self.  I could not believe it when I heard it. So simple but brilliant. So brilliant I wondered why we hadn’t thought of it before.
Put armed guards in the schools!

More guns would need to be sold. A big win for his bosses.
The unemployed could go back to work guarding schools.

Who wouldn't like to see nice Mr. Winsel the crossing guard take on some extra work. He  wouldn’t have to go home after getting the children safety across the street. All he did was drink and go to treatment for his PTS, anyway.  Shucks  he could stick around and at the first whiff of cordite he could spring into action. A Glock with a 30 round clip in one hand, a 357 in the other. Assault rifle over his shoulder. Blasting away in a school lunchroom, taking life’s, to save life’s.

Yes a brilliant plan wayne, I feel safer already. But why stop at schools. How bout a good guy with a gun at the supermarket, or at the coffee shop, on your street corner, at the cinema, in the hospital, or right next to you sitting in the pew on Sunday morning… Why not replace the water in fire trucks with gasoline so when they come to put out the fire at your house they  could get it going real good first, I mean the fire will go out eventualy...
An absolutely brilliant plan,  and only in amerika.
Take Away The Guns & Regulate The Ammo.

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