Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Bring Something To Burn

Invites to party’s that start out with those words can mean almost anything! But this was a party to bring the sun back north.

Ancient humans built fires on the solstice to help the sun return. They were less certain of the workings of the universe, than most modern day regressive republicans. But the ancients knew if the sun did not return, life for them was over.
Friends, fire, song. On a wimpy below zero night by Fairbanks standards, that’s what we needed to welcome back the light.
The men stacked the pallets on the fire and we sang songs of camaraderie.

The flames grew higher, the nails  from the pallets fell into the coals, and the sparks of all the energy stored in the wood flew west across the frozen lake.
Our coats came off as the flames got hotter. The voices raised.
The nra can continue to endorse senseless murders, but they can’t stop the light from returning north.

 Shooting Flames
With all our technology, with all our stuff, we are disconnected  from the natural world but just like the ancients we still are just specks of dust to the universe.Happy solstice. Peace to all.

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