Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Shopping

It’s getting right down to the dead line for Christmas shopping. Normally, I am not much into this holiday of mass consumption but this year, I’m all gun ho! Just look at some of the deals going on around town.
Sportsman Warehouse Add December 13, 2012 Anchorage Press
Whoa at those prices I can afford to get every teacher on my list some major classroom fire power, if only I would have got into Christmas buying frenzy a few weeks ago, when the gun show was going on I could have gotten every educator on my list a proper assault weapon with a mega magazine, and not had to wait for my background check to come back clean. Pesky government rules.

We need to take away the guns. But will we? Not likely. 
Amerikans are programed mostly by advertising, to spend, large on Christmas presents, and amerikans have been programed by the advertising arm of the gun industry, the NRA that everyone needs a weapon to be safe.

Lock up the guns, and strictly control the ammunition. That will make us safer.
Health care for everyone including mental health care. That will make us safer.
Science and Reason instead of religions superstition. That will keep us safe.

And if you must shoot. Shoot a Canon, And Share Your Images

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