Thursday, January 10, 2013

Annie Get Your Gun


Today’s nra sponsored  senseless gun violence , was at a school in Taft California.
No assault weapons were used. Just a regular everyday household shotgun. Injuries were sustained. None were fatal.
The  schools hired  gun slinger  apparently  had taken the day off, and fortunately a quick thinking science teacher was able to get the 16 year old shooter to put down his gun.
Ice Gal can see how in the last century guns were important. They made getting meat on the table, lots easier. That didn’t satisfy our hunger. Somehow shooting buffalo almost into extinction from moving trains became sport.

Let them kill, skin, and sell until the buffalo is exterminated, as it is the only way to bring lasting peace and allow civilization to advance."
General Philip Sheridan
Thanks General. That's working out real good for us!

Now a days the bison are protected in places like Yellowstone National Park.  but that frontier mentality perpetrated by the nra, and their twisted disciples is endangering young and old alike, and the answer isn't more guns.

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  1. Bravo! Thanks for taking on the lunatic fringe at the NRA. They give legitimate sportsmen and hunters a bad name.