Tuesday, November 6, 2012

No Fizz In My koch

The supporters of the  man with a name like a cat, huddled together in Boston do not look so happy tonight.
The electoral votes from the west came in and sent there guy and billions and billions of koch brothers dollars into history.
46,727,483 amerikans do not get it that the republican plan is maximum profits and no accountability. No concern for the environment. No concern for workers. No concern for science and reason.
The present day democrats are only a hair better.
I voted for Obama.
 I’m glad he was reelected.
I do not expect much, as he is beholden to pals of the koch brothers.

I voted for him because he supports unions, working people, and human rights.

We will not survive on a diet of profit and greed.

regressives you need to put your guns down step up and join us. Human rights and peace is for everyone!

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