Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Little Snow

Winter last it snowed almost every day in November, so by the 14 we were well on our way to setting a record.  134.5 inches was the record setting total. Just over 11 feet of snow, here in Anchorage.

This year not so much. Overnight we got almost an inch, and a little more on the north side of town.
Just enough to make driving and even more interesting operation than it is on dry streets.
Here in the north most drivers are not aware of traffic laws. Seems these laws only exist if a police car happens to be nearby.

APD Urban Assault Vehicle PIT Maneuver Capable   
So it’s basically a free for all, racing to the next signal. The streets had been slick the past few days so that weeded out quite of few reckless drivers. But today the lines on the road are officially gone until breakup.
Anchorage Today

Now the lines on the road dividing the lanes have been in the same place, well always they have been in the same place, and you would think that since they have been in the same place that most drivers and epically drivers that drive the same road day after day would know where the lanes are. But not so. At the slightest curve the car that was alongside will now be cutting ahead of you, or getting so close you can almost read what they are texting.

Now since I have lived here in this regressive, pathetic, christian, red state for many, many winters, I have devised a theory aboot drivers not being able to find the lane they are in, and it goes like this.
The lines on the road are the language of god, biology, and physics. The poor drivers who lose the lane are christians trying to interpret, their, gods language using made up stories found in their bible.
 Science and reason is really for everyone.

Be careful out there.





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