Wednesday, October 31, 2012



Spookie Stuff

My barista this morning was dressed as a very scary clown.  I was ok once I realized that this is the woman who pulls the excellent shots, that give me the spiritual motivation to go do work every week day.  But for a moment she scared me.
Thanks Gracie

Super Storm Sandy scared lots of folks on the east coast this week. On the radio Talk Of The Nation today you could still hear the terror in one caller’s voice as she described how her power went out, then her house started filling up with water. They tried sealing things up, to no avail. There was nothing we could do, she said over and over again.
Super Storm Sandy was so spooky that climate change deniers are now wondering if there might be something to this science stuff.

New York Governor Cuomo was saying that large storms like Sandy are no longer a once a lifetime event, and because of climate change the city has to prepare for the worst.
Regressive New Jersey Governor christie  was so terrified by the storm that he was riding around with Obama saying what a terrific job the President was doing. That must have been some storm!

The election is just a few days away and the regressives could put mitt zombie in  the White House.  Now that is one scary issue to think aboot this Halloween.

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