Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Perry And The Pickers

The First Album

 Gid Tanner & The Skillitt Lickers

 Perry and the Pickers is that a great name for a band or what. I would pay to go see a band with a name like that, I might even rescind my number one rule about seeing bands play in fields if Perry and the Pickers were playing in a field of mud near here.
That band ain't around now but lets ramble on with a cut from their first album, side one.

 Black Cap Chickadees

For several years we have had a bird feeder fastened  to the side of the shed. Lately the squirrel wouldn’t even bother to get in it. I had some spare parts, and another bird feeder that I stocked with black oil sunflower seeds. I now have black caped Chickadees flying in and out like tiny hungry missiles…

At The Feeder

 Friends say that once you start feeding Chickadees you have to do it FOREVER. Well you got some seed for now bird, but nothing lasts forever…

 Another of my favorite tracks from that first album also on side one is…

 Don’t make me flip you off

One of the worst things aboot breaking up with your ride is when you hook up with your new ride, she never has a voice. She might have three headlights but she don't have a voice.
Riding home this afternoon in the sunshine, Terry Gross’s program Fresh Air is interviewing Nate Silver

'Signal' And 'Noise': Prediction As Art And Science


This is not only a great interview but I can hear every sound because this bikes  audio system is connected to headphones in my hemit.

Nate Silver is sharp, then I see it, a flipping mini van racing down the on ramp.

There is me in the left lane, a school bus in the right. This driver never even sees me. I’m grabbing front and rear breaks so I wont be  killed. Making space to let this A hole in the spot I was in.

Swiftly gathering my composure I split the lane between them and the bus, pulling along side I flipped them off. I stayed along side them flipping them off. They had a look of total surprise like what is wrong with that biker? Why is she flipping us off? At the traffic light they went by in the left turn lane giving me a look, so I split the lane again,  came up next to them and started to put the kick stand down. I was just going to splain that they almost just killed me.  They didn’t stick around, running   the red light to get away, from this alive biker.


The last track on side one is one of my favorites.


There is no limit to what ignorance can do.


I didn’t watch the big debate between the man with a name like a cat and the president with dark skin, because I would rather go to the eye doctor than have to watch that.

I did go to the eye doctor yesterday and luckily   it was cloudy.

But Lucy splan to me how the smiling man with a name like a cat can preach “Well sure tax cuts for the rich hasn’t worked out so good for the last 30 years or so but once I’m in charge its going to  work great”

Are amerikans ignorant and racist enough to fall for that crap again?


Next time side two


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