Monday, October 1, 2012

Little House Of Horrors

It gets dark here now. Only around 11 hours between sunrise and sunset, and we are losing daylight at aboot 5 minutes a day.  Having been acclimated to almost 24 hours of daylight you can just imagine that darkness makes things just a little crazy here in the north.

All the supermarkets have isles and isles of Halloween candy, and the produce section at Safeway looked like a pumpkin patch Sunday.
The second hand stores are running ads for costumes and the haunted houses are sprouting up in all the empty malls.

Being frightened is not really my thing, but lots of folks seem to be into being scared, so much so that strangely enough this one little house of horrors is open all year, just to accommodate those that need to be scared almost to death say in July. This shop is not just for Halloween.
I know People that have visited this dark little hovel. They not only were scared out of their wits!  But some had life altering experiences, and those that were changed, it wasn’t for the better.

What could be so terrifying? So evil, that it attracts the weak like moths to a flame... Prepare to be scared almost to death. Look only if you dare...
Alaskan republican party headquarters
Oh  no. Bad candidate’s. Bad ideas. No science. Greed.  Look away look away...

Now this is how I think that evil place should look..


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