Saturday, October 20, 2012

mitt zombie Rap

 It isn’t hard to find a republican around here. They run the entire state. They even moved around the voting districts to make the place even more republican.
How can that even be possible?

I have run into a couple of them in the past few day that sorta have doubts about the regressive policies of the past 30 years. Now do not get me wrong they still are planing to vote for the man with a name like a cat, but when you hit them with facts like. “President mit zombie will continue the war on labor unions, he  supports a national right to work law, he will work to privatize social security and Medicare, continue the war on women’s rights, do away with environmental protections, and generally make the bush years look like the golden age of enlightenment.
The only response I have gotten so far  is “I hope not"
Well gee I hope not too!

 So next time I’m having that conversation just before the facts start to glaze over their eyes, with a full back up band we are just going to start to rap…

Regressives Rap
Now I like mitt zombie, and I din't know why
He sure ain't no middle class guy.
He can bust my union, blacken my eye
Destroy the environment, darken the sky
Escalate the war on women, and get them gays to finally go by by by.
The Living dead support  mitt zombie cuz  he’s a regressive kind of guy

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