Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Gods Own Party

One of the things I love aboot republicans is they have a handle, on what the big guy in the sky wants us humans to do. Think aboot that, it’s monumental.
Big Guy In The Sky At Work
First off you got to have a twisted imagination to even believe in the big guy in the sky, but some regressives like the reverend billy ghram have a direct line, and have conversations on a regular basis. You can bet they have been talking aboot the upcoming election, and god doesn’t think you ought to vote for the president with dark skin. Whoa, we couldn’t have seen that one coming.  

 But wait the republican god delusion gets even better!
Regressive richard mourdock has finally figured out that if while being raped you just happen to conceive well that is just gods way of saying Hey girl you need a baby, here you go!

Wow that big guy must be so busy that he just can’t get you a baby by any other means, or maybe that Immaculate Conception thing did not work out to good for him, and he might not want to deal with child support again…

Either way the big guy in the sky is busy, I do not think he has been able to sleep since the middle ages, and the pope won’t leave him alone, god says celebrate, and the old man hears celibate,its   not easy doing the work of make believe friends.


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  1. I am not an atheist, but I wasn't raised in evangelical circles, so I, too, scratch my head at what comes out of their mouths. Crazy (and frequently cruel) talk!