Saturday, September 22, 2012

My Bike Smells Like Cedar

Summer mornings when I ride my motorcycle to work I purposely go by the lumber yard, just because they stack cedar fence boards next to the road I take. That scent, It takes me to the conifer  forests of Washington and Oregon, good memories of rides, and friends, camping by clear mountain streams, cooking just caught trout for breakfast.  Then I start to feel sorry for the huge trees that are now boards stacked up in the lumber yard. Then I realize as I’m on the ramp to the Seward highway that I am just going to work. All that just gives me my biker edge. I usually enter the highway around ?? mph pass a couple of cars, then its ok again,  and go on my way.
Last Weeks Storm
 The past couple of week, We have had 100 mph  winds. Power outages for days. A week of endless rain, that is  now flooding towns from Seward to Talkeetna.   During  all this the neighbor’s tree fell on the back fence busting it all up, and it took over a week to find someone to come and haul the thing out of my yard.

Last rainy Saturday I was cleaning up some of the fence boards getting them stacked up so they wouldn’t blow away in the coming storm. In the garage I cut up the posts for firewood. My clean dry and unused for several days was my bike.

Now riding again on a somewhat sunny Friday afternoon I can smell sawdust smoldering. My bike smells like a camp fire. This will be a fall to remember.

Fall Colors, The Train & Sunshine On Saturday

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  1. I've been hearing about your weather up there - very crazy. Stay safe!