Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Twisted Tongues Of 9/11

Really fast, can you say Duct Tape Top twice? I couldn’t but there it was right in front of me, on an old Convertible Fiat that most likely hadn’t run for years.

The Car was off Pine Street, and Pine Street is where the softball fields are.
The balls and bats have been put up for the season, and the fields are now covered with Geese, that are feeding on the manicured grass. Good calories to get ready for the flight south.

The wind blew through here last week, tried to blow us all south. Parts of town didn’t even get electrical power restored until Saturday. Riding to work last Tuesday in total electrical darkness, took on a surreal quality, complete with police at every major intersection, cop lights flashing, helping to remind drivers that dark signal lights mean 4 way stop, not free for all. With almost 24 hours of daylight in the summer, darkness always catches us by surprise, and the electrical darkness surprisingly ground the city to a halt.
Schools and stores were closed because of no power. Even REI was closed.

We need electricity to keep our traffic lights running, to keep the order, to keep our lives from becoming chaos.
Innocent people died on 9/11. They were murdered by men with a belief in god so strong that they were willing to kill and die for it.
Right wing christrians stand on one foot and then the other in support of religious freedom as long as it’s their brand of religion, and serves their freedom.

When the wind stopped the plastic letters from the assembly of god’s wayside pulpit had all been blown away, the message lost. The geese went back to eating the grass, but now I am looking for those letters so I can arrange them…The Best Part Of No God Is No God

 Anchorage Veterans Memorial Downtown
The flag pole did not survive the windstorm, and the poles truck did not contain a bullet, razor, and match.

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