Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Day 3

Grand Circle Loop Tour South Bound Edition

Birdies alarm went off early this morning. She was showered and out the door, headed to Livengood with 101, before I even though aboot koffee.
Peppermint, Zookeeper and I packed up and headed to Creamers Field to shoot some Sandhill Crane’s. Last year on this run we never found them, but last evening and this morning we spotted a couple of flocks. So they must be at Creamers. Zumo trickster gps got us to Creamers pronto, but no Crane’s, only Canadian Geese.
Canadian Geese Cleared For Landing Creamers Field
We drove over to the visitor’s center and could hear em, but where we thought they were was out of range. No one was willing to do a proper birding expedition. Let’s go find some fuel and head home.

We head back out to the main road. Light is red but no traffic, just a slow stop and out on to the road I go. Glancing a look in my left mirror I was expecting to see two bikes. Where I have been is all I see, same for the right looking glass. I slow down, searching my rear view. No one. Dam I can’t be the leader of the pack if no one is following me! I will have to turn around. Turn around I do and back to Creamers where I find Peppermint and Zookeeper. Peppermint is in full 400mm lens shooting mode cuz flocks of Sandhill Cranes have gathered right by the road to feast on the grain provided by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.
These birds are busy feasting and well just posing.

This pair was on the edge of the flock and were being quite vocal
The parents talking to their teenager. You are flying south. No exceptions.

South bound on the Parks Highway. This rode out of Fairbanks is made for bikes. Uphill with long curved passing lanes, and 65 mph speed limit. We swiftly get around one or two cars, then double line and trapped behind a pickup towing a trailer with a big decal that sez This Trailer Is Vortex. We pass another named Raptor.
MASSIVE CARBON FOOT PRINT is what should be painted on the sided of those vehicles.
Approaching Healey and the Park we encounter strong headwinds, blowing aboot 40 mpg with stronger gusts. This is making for some interesting riding. The windsock on the Nenana river bridge is full and crosswind over the bridge. Who hoo here we go.

Other side of the park the winds stop, then at Cantwell the rain starts. It only rains till Talkeetna, and just clouds the rest of the way into Anchorage.
Bikes and Fall Colors In Broad Pass
 Another great run! With some great pals!

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