Wednesday, September 19, 2012


  It seems that the entire world is outraged over something or other. Over in the Islamic world outrage & violence continue over a low quality video from California that makes fun of their major god delusion.
 Really somebody flew up to heaven on a horse, and that makes it ok to kill for? Well do not look up!

Meanwhile here in amerika people are outraged because presidential candidate, the man with a name like a cat (mittens) is caught on a cell phone video stating in plain English that he works for the rich. Mainly the koch brothers but a few other as well.
Really all you enraged people did not know that mittens and the rest of the regressive republicans do not care where they get their money from. That destroying the middle class, the environment, only makes maximum profits and NO ACCOUNTAIBALTY, one step closer to reality.
The koch’s and mittens they can spend money from middle class, citizens of China, or India, well until all the things that keep humans alive on this planet are destroyed…

. Enjoy… Some Disclosure...

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