Monday, September 3, 2012

Day 2

Grand Circle Loop Tour

Hotel restaurant opens at 7:30 so its breakfast then a run for Sunday service to the Holy City.
Tibetan Yaks
Circle F Ranch raises these sturdy looking critters along the Edgerton Highway. Six times I passed them, and this morning we finally  stopped to shoot em, and now I know what they are. Yakaty Yak.

The hub was plugged up as usual. Lots of large camper vehicles had gathered to worship at the altar of gasoline. Its Obamas fault the lines are so long and the price is so high the faithful were chanting They looked quite stylish in their white hooded  getups.
 On to Tok we ride, under sunny skies.

Mostly today was just riding. The morning to run into Tok temperatures were cool. Hemet’s on, electric gear on. Deciduous tree gangs were wearing their fall colors.
Fall Colours Along The Tok Cutoff
After more food at Fast Eddies it was on to the food coma part of the ride, to Delta.

Fast Eddies Best Food In Tok
This part of the ride went on and on. We were stopped and only the scenery was moving. We were all falling asleep. To stay awake I would look in my mirrors to see what my pals were doing.  Zookeeper at one point had a high speed do rag on his head then next time I looked he had clown hair flaying in the wind. Waking up to look through my windshield I noticed more bugs had  died. We are devastating the insect population of this stretch of road. Peppermints bike was the color of candy canes, next time I glanced back.  it wasn't We need to stop!

Finally Delta. Gas and something I have never done before. I drank a Starbucks energy drink. A big tall can of caffeine sugar, ginger, and bat poop. Wow I never felt this good ever. Pulling out of Delta running 80. I feel good. Peppermint not quite in the groove but then up she comes. Everyone running 80. Around some cars, bumps in the road slow us just a bit, running 75. Back up to 80.  This is great, my lips are numb, but my hands are on the throttle, hell I even switched off cruise control. Approaching Fairbanks I realize that all the traffic has slowed to the speed limit. We do to. Relying on Zumo trickster GPS of the raven clan now. Turn right in .5 miles
Pikes my new headquarters in Fairbanks.

Bikes from our third floor room at Pikes Fairbanks

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