Monday, August 27, 2012

Liberty Falls Takes Me Down

McCarthy was lively on Saturday night. The town’s watering hole was hoisting a tall tales contest. When our driver brought us back from a wonderful dinner at the Kennecott lodge the street was abuzz. Four wheelers were parked two deep all around the saloon. They were running low on Ice when I stopped in.  The view from our porch was better than in the bar. People and dogs parading back and forth along the main dirt street. This morning at 7:00 when we went for breakfast at the saloon, only the dogs were still around.

We were up at the mine early, and had the place to ourselves. Kennecott is quite a monument to 19 century engineering
The Mill & Restored Building
The mill once the tallest building in the state ground up tons and tons of ore and remains clinging to the mountain with a foundation of boards and gravel. The Park Service is stabilizing the structure by injecting concrete into its ancient foundation.
After Death Valley Kennecott has to be one of the most photogenic parks around. Rust is everywhere.
Rusted Pipe

We shot for several hours. Thought aboot hiking to the toe of the root glacier. Bear spray and water were left on the bikes, we turn back after a mile or so. More shooting then flush toilets and coffee at the lodge.

Back down the rough 4 mile road to the bike bridges.
Back on the road system we are.

When I checked the NOHA last they were calling for rain. So far today nothing but sun and clouds.
At aboot 45 mile or so I could feel the rain approaching, when the road twisted around and I could see the path we were on I could see the weather.  Zumo Trickster GPS of The Raven Clan found Chitina. It was 40 miles. The road was packed gravel, almost pavement. Huckleberry was in my mirror one time then not. 30, 40, 50 mph two cars and a camper with a trailer in my rear view. Well the hell is Huckleberry? 29 miles from pavement it starts to rain. Visions of Dempster Highway riding on almost melted ice cream dance through my head. 20 miles at the wood deck bridge it’s time for my Hemet. Walking on the bridge for a ways this wood is slick. I hear a bike. Then see a light. Huckleberry arrives on the scene. She didn’t crash. Or get a flat. Only rearranged her video camera for multiple shots. 

Geared up for riding in the rain on dirt. Riding on pavement takes all of your concentration if you are riding on dirt/gravel it takes even more of your effort, and when that dirt road turns to slimy mud, it can wear you out.

It was only 20 miles or so of wet dirt, then the 10 miles of marble like gravel. The Copper River and pavement.
Fish Wheel On The Copper River
After a snack at the hotel Chitina we headed for gas and the Copper Moose B & B.

I see the sign up ahead Liberty Falls. We have passes by this water fall this makes the fourth time so I decide to pull in and check it out.

A water fall cascading down the hillside. Clear water. Lets get some shots. I step out on some bolders and next thing I know I am face down and my camera is under water. Not good
Last Picture

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  1. Glad you are OK. Sorry your gear is kaput, you got lots of nice shots this trip!