Saturday, August 25, 2012

Holy City Trilogy

On the way to koffee Friday morning regressive women were waving no on 2 signs on the corner of Northern Lights and The Seward Highway.
When I got to koffee around 8 I found out I had been written up, put on report for being late. That’s what happens when you fail to tell your barista you are on holiday mode.

Huckleberry and I are heading to McCarthy, Wrangell Saint Elias National Park and, Kennecott mine, the largest National Park in the nation. This park is almost as large as Teddy Roosevelt’s idea of conservation.
Three weekends in a row riding the Glenn Highway. COOL!
The ride on the Glenn as always excellent. In the holy city we stop for gas and pause long enough to leave an offering at the altar of the three wheels.

Holy City Sanctuary

The lodging and meatiest buffet ever at Tonsina River Lodge was ok. Saturday morning the lodge opens at 5:00 – 6:00 am to feed the road crew. The same road crew that is installing the drop offs and rough gravel patches,  we had to ride over last weekend . The kitchen then closes until 9:00. We were on the road heading to Chitina before then.  Breakfast at the Chitina hotel was great. We should have stayed there. We had to make a slight 60 mile backtrack as no gas is available in Chitina. Who knew? With sun shining who cares.  The road turns to gravel after crossing the Copper River. 10 miles of riding on marble like gravel then dirt/mud. The slimy mud is a welcome relief to the marble like rock. Further on the road is graded and packed almost like pavement.
The Mighty Copper River
The road ends at the Kennecott River. Years ago last time I was here the only way to cross was on a hand tram. Now there is a foot bridge, well unless you are on a bike then it is a bike bridge. Lots of sport bike riders think the same.  The road, path is fairly rough in spots. Guess that is what to expect when you ride off the road system.
We are staying tonight in a building that was once a brothel. Tiny room almost had to rent another room for our gear. No phone. Have to pay for internet access. Worst of all No Ice for happy hour. Oh well life in the bush.

Lucky for me I'm riding with a good friend and the scenery is just well, another frozen mountain and wilderness.
But that could  be the reason for the  all tourists from France and Germany that make the trip here.
Could wilderness be just be valuable for being wilderness? Regressive elected officals do not think so!

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