Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I Was Wrong

My odometer was right around 180 when we pulled into the only gas on the Edgerton Highway. The round trip to Kennecott behind us and aboot 2 gallons of gas left in my 6 gallon tank. 
We spent our last night on the road at the The Copper Moose B &B I was a bit apprehensive walking up to the door as they had what appeared to be a yard art figurine of the big man in the sky. Turns out it was just a tall garden gnome holding a sky rat.

 Our hosts CR and Kathy were cool. Great conversations. Treated us to Rhubarb pie and ice cream, and CR had us a tasty breakfast ready soon after Huckleberry’s fire alarm clock went off at the holiday atrocious hour of 5 am?
Ifen you need a place to say around Kenny Lake check them out, but hurry as they have two new puppies. Poodle and Jack Russell mix. Could be nothing left of the place in 6 months but burnt hair and smoke.

We were on the road early. I think by 7:00. Did I mention that Huckleberry’s fire alarm clock, eye phone went off at 5:00 am? Next time I fall in the river I’m taking that thing with me instead of camera gear!

No blue sky this morning. Only some wet pavement coming into the Holy City. 20 miles out I switch on the radio NPR morning edition 90.5 all around the interior. Seems the man with a name like a cat mittens has a revolutionary  tax plan overall that is finally going to end the war on the middle class by totally eliminating us, and just before the details, my radio suddenly starts talking aboot Hebrews 2.0 and ifen I just found out aboot jesus all my problems would be solved. My only problem at the moment is what the flip happened to 90.5 cuz what they were saying aboot mittens sounded so good that I might want to vote for him. Hell his care plan sez seniors will be put out on ice flows, and everybody knows the ICE IS MELTING!
Push the radio button up. It stops on the make believe channel. Push the radio button down it stops on the make believe channel. Push the button in for cd. John Osborn what if god was one of us, followed by Van Morrison St Dominic Preview.
Other side of the holy city showers hit us. Time to just listen to my bike. I need to hear our tires in the water.

The real rain hit 30 miles east of Eureka. Was ok until climbing up to the summit the clouds came down to the road. Stopping at a wide spot to change glasses for goggles Huckleberry sezs stop at Sheep Mountain for hot chocolate
Grumbling the rest of the way. At the lodge she peeks over to see what I am writing in my note book.
Stopping only makes the misery worse. I wrote.

She tells me she had to stop as she was getting wet and was going to die of hypothermia if she didn’t change gear.
Hot chocolate for her and espresso for me made us both feel better. Sheep mountain was a good stop to make, I was wrong aboot stopping,  and ifen that girl is going to keep riding with me I’m getting her some FXRG gear instead of the florescent stuff she wears.

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