Friday, August 24, 2012

Lean Left Do Right

We already have too much government in our lives.
Those words from our former junior senator, former almost worst governor ever, and lizas daddy frank murk cow ski.  Get this because frank was a lousy regressive senator he has free health care for life! No government involvement there frank.
He was speaking against the coastal zone management ballot initiative, prop 2 that is on Tuesday’s ballot. We had a identical program, that our present worse governor ever eliminated.

Why is this issue too much government involvement in our lives?

Our former Governor Tony Knowles has this to say aboot what coastal zone management did for Alaska.
” What did local communities want to negotiate with industry and government agencies? They wanted to protect water quality, ensure adequate safety and cleanup procedures, protect land and ocean wildlife and fish habitat, and provide revenues to mitigate local impacts. They wanted a forum for important community economic and cultural concerns”
Wow that sounds like a government program that worked for the people of Alaska.

But with t bags like our present governor, mayor, representative, and senior senator liza and her daddy, government is becoming like an episode of the old tvee show twilight zone. In our episode day is night, up is down. Unregulated consumer capitalism is ok, and the motto is maximum profit and zero accountability.

Having informed citizens involved in for the people, by the people is the worst enemy of regressive republicans. Liberal old women on motorcycles is next.

Through the holy city today with a new destination at the end of the Edgerton Highway. McCarthy and the Kennecott mine. Cu there.

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  1. My opinion of far-right GOPers hasn't changed much since childhood, when I grew up in a Democratic family (child of 2 federal employees who started working life as schoolteachers) in a very Republican county in Kansas. The more hard line and anti-government they were, the more they just seemed like bratty spoiled kids who couldn't follow the rules and made things less fun for all of us.