Sunday, August 19, 2012

Is That A Trooper In My Mirror?

I called Peppermint the other day. “Where you riding to this weekend?” Gas run to The Holy City, if you want we can leave early and eat at Eureka. Sure what time? 8:00 am at zookeepers. I’m in ifen it isn’t raining. I was thinking darn that is early for Saturday morning.

Dreaming at 5:00 am sounds like rain sweet. Looking out the window 30 minutes later not a cloud in the sky.  Just enough time to load the bike and grab some Koffee on Saucer Saturday.

Kaladi Brothers Saucer Saturday

East bound on the divided 6 lane by half past 8. Zookeeper needs to top off fuel so we gas and go at the Taco Bell Tesoro in Palmer.
Just past mile 49 the hoodlum mode dash light brightens up. The ride on the curvaceous Glenn is on.
Not far a road sign with Construction Ahead BE ALERT, then a flagger with some large vehicles stopped. Before I even think aboot swinging around and going to the head of the line, the flagger is signaling come forward. Hoodlum mode is awesome.
The young woman controlling traffic is a student from Portland Oregon. A beaver  not a duck. She says she is going to ride someday. We believe her.
The pilot car leads us through the construction, and then we are out ahead. All the pickups with boats, all the suv’s with trailers full of off road vehicles, guns and ammo. They are all behind now.
Cruise control set at 60. Through a few twisties we ride then approaching Sutton the speed limit drops to 45. We drop down to around 50 and ride through town. After Sutton the road straightens out for several miles, and goes from two lanes to 4. Cruise set at 60. We are on our way.

Now for some unknown reason on Alaskan highways whenever there is a passing lane large slow vehicles tend to accelerate, they want to be first!
We were quite a ways ahead of most of the traffic, but coming up  I can see a large white pickup. This truck is gaining on us. I push the accelerate  button a few times, but this truck is still gaining on us.
65-70-75 mph this truck is still coming. We are doing almost 80 in the 55 mph zone and this truck is pulling alongside. It has some kind of design on the side of it and as it gets closer I can read it. ALASKA STATE TROOPERS  

The gun slinger cruises on ahead, we slow to a more acceptable  law breaking speed.

I’m thinking well this sucks, now there is a trooper ahead of us, somewhere as we can’t see him anymore. Then around a corner we go. We find our lawman again, only now he is behind a motor home that is doing 35 to 45 mph.
I’m thinking this really sucks cuz now not only is there a trooper ahead of us but a very slow motor home, and no place to legally pass. This is a major problem, cutting into my fun! We slowly go through a couple of turns. My throttle hand itching to twist, then a sorta wider spot in the road, but laskans never, never ever pull over and let traffic by, but the motor homes right blinker comes on, and then every high power led cop light on the emergency vehicle ahead of us lights up with a brightness that causes my photo optic lenses to darken.
Sweet! The trooper is stopping the motor home. In a tight formation we rumble by, you could almost hear the cups and saucers rattling on that campers shelves. Gears 4, 5, and 6. Breakfast only till noon at Eureka, and no gas in the Holy City till after prayers. Riding as one.  Hoodlum mode is flipping awesome…

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