Thursday, July 5, 2012

Still Shooting Raven

Early spring and the mission was to go out and shoot raven. One of the conclusions that came from that adventure was that to get really good shots of raven was very difficult at best.  Raven will not stay still and, will pose only on his terms.  Chumming with fast food French fries might work but then it was discovered that the photographers would eat the fries first, and most likely not go back out in the cold to try the chumming maneuver.

Later in the spring I came along some birds on the Seward Highway by Portage. . Those birds just sat on the crossarm of a old power pole primping and watching me as I stood in the drizzle and shot raven.
This shot I like as you can see some features like eyes, beaks and the iridescent color of the feathers.

Raven On A Pole What's Not To Like?
Still working on that perfect shot.


  1. Nice raven shots. I am sure they are a challenge to shoot.

    The crows (not ravens) in my suburban hometown in Kansas were so fat from eating junk food along our "miracle mile" you probably wouldn't have had too much trouble tracking them down for photos ...

  2. Liz, they are very tricky to shoot. The ravens see you stop in your vehicle, or whatever, and they take off. They don't wait around to see if you're shooting with a camera or a shotgun. Smart birds, and called the Trickster for good reason.