Wednesday, July 11, 2012

It;s Wicket

 Few weeks ago the cops killed a man who wouldn’t put down his stick when ordered to do so, and just the other day the cops killed a man wielding a bb gun that is made to look like a real handgun.   One of my koffee drinking pals thinks the cops ought not to shoot to kill. We had quite a meaningful exchange of thoughts and ideas, cuz I have to side with the cops.  Weather you got a rock, a squirt gun or a bazooka, ifen a cop tells ya to put it down and step aside, you better do it.

Perhaps health care professionals would be better suited to deal with mental illness than police, but that’s the society amerikans have settled for. NRA Endorsed!

When the sun is shining in the north you want to get out in it. One of the best places to be in it is on the Delaney Park Strip.  The Park Strip in the early days like 1917 was just a fire break to protect the town. Later it served as the airport.  It was named after James Delaney who as mayor of Anchorage got the land where the general aviation airport, Merrill Field is now, titled to the city. The planes moved to Merrill and the park strip became a park.
No truth to the rumor that Delaney had a band called Delaney Bonny and Friends.

Park Strip Anchorage

Walking on a cargo strap is a hoot! Try it  in the park if you can. I recommend a wide strap like these kids had, and keep it low! No need to go to the top of the trees.
If you haven’t guessed Croquet was the order of the day. Queens’s rules and all that.

There was sun, snacks; a good time was had by all. In a park that was created just so the community could have a place to play. Community still a grand idea. Support yours!

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