Friday, May 25, 2012

Sweeney's Alley

It’s Memorial Day Weekend! Memorial Day is the weekend I would dream about as I was shoveling yet another load of snow off the driveway. Let the Summer Begin!

Summer really looked like it was on the way last week with a couple of days of sunshine and temperatures in the 60’s. But then on Thursday the rain began, and by Thursday afternoon half the town was walking around with long faces repeating the gospel

… “We Need The Rain”

Looking several faithful  in the eye I told em…”Flipping A we don’t need any Flipping RAIN. We just had a winter with record snowfall. Most of the State is a swamp. Our water comes from a retreating glacier, and we do not grow anything here. We Do Not Need Rain. We Need SUNSHINE! Months and months of SUNSHINE with record setting temperatures. Well the rain will settle the dust they all said before repeating the gospel…We need the rain.

I am heading to Homer, and all day I wondered if I would be forced to drive the kar instead riding. After work I stopped at home suited up and loaded up she who has no trunk for the ride south!

The wind on Turnigan Arm was blowing so hard the small craft danger dash lamp was blinking on and off. In the water the 4 wind surfers were flying.

I stayed in line for a while behind some pickups that with the wind must have been getting all of 10 mpg.

Made a few passes and soon was where I want to be, no kars around, only distant headlamps in my mirrors. Cruise control set at just over the speed limit lets you not even have to worry aboot all the troopers out to help all the laskans that think traffic laws do not apply to them.

The troopers were major playing lets see who notices the speed limit changes, and I rolled by several interventions.

The Danny J leaves at Noon Saturday, and Im on it….

Just going along on two wheels $1000. worth of gear on my body the hint of sunshine on the horizan. Nothing better than riding in the north

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