Monday, May 28, 2012

Murres And Marimba

Memorial Weekend Saturday morning in Homer Alaska. Sunshine breaking through the clouds, and live Marimba music by Shamwari at the Farmers Market. I had never seen so many Marimbas on one stage and the sound! You just had to watch and dance.

Shamwari Preforming At Homer's Farmers Market

Besides great music the Market had some early organic veggies, herbs, plants, and all the regular artists that one would expect to find at a Farmers Market.
I could have listened to the band for a while longer, but we had to catch the Danny J for a ride across Kachemak Bay to Halibut Cove, and lunch at the Saltery.
Gull Island is part of the tour on the way over. Black Legged Kittiwakes were the most abundant birds nesting on the island, but Red Faced Cormorants were nesting too. The Murres that normally nest high up on the Island were hanging off shore mainly because Eagles, Bald  ones were feasting on the Kittiwakes.
Young Bald Eagle On Gull Island

The Eagles were keeping things stirred up out on the island. When ever one took off the Kittiwakes would sound the alarm and take to the air.
Kittiwakes Take To The Air

The eagle had just landed in this shot. Check out the black wing near the top of the rock.
Besides the Otter and the Murre's I was fast enough to get this shot of a Tufted Puffin.

This Puffin just didn't want to hang around and have it's picture taken.

It was a great day on the water and off. The ride back the Bay was a bit rougher. The tourists donned the yellow slickers provided by the crew. We climbed up to the wheel house to chat up the driver. Back on shore it was perfect timing to ride back out East End Road in the rain. Giggling like school girls as we rode along...

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