Sunday, June 3, 2012

Triple Digit Ride

We have invasive plant species here in the north. Species that we never used to have, before spray grass.  Last weekend and today Turanagan Pass was aglow in the yellow flowers of Dandelions.

Soon the towering stalks, and the smell of white sweet clover will be all along the roadways. Another seed brought here in the spray grass, and then there is the bird vetch the plant that will eventually cover everything. 

Invasive plants, the koch brothers candidate winning the white house, climate change taking out Shishmarf, non of that mattered today, because today was the nice day here in the north and Peppermint and I were riding!
The plan was to go to KPHD in Soldotna for there show and shine.

Tragically just a day or so ago a young man working for the shop, doing a test ride on a customer’s bike, seconds from the shops door he had a unaware driver pull in front of him. He lost his life

Sad way to start a weekend, life goes on.

We did not want to ride with any of the groups that were heading to the shop, but managed to catch one as we were heading up the highway on ramp. They were quickly in our mirrors. Another large group led by Birdie was properly passed on the three lane, and the rest waved from the gas station at Girdwood. Our reputations restored, and the sun was shining.

The Show and Shine had some wonderful 4-wheel vehicles.

That’s one shinny black and chrome 57 Chevrolet pick up
We hung around for a while then with Birdie and Uncle G we headed up the road to Sacketts for lunch.

This is the place to stop on the Kenai. I had the Pulled Pork sandwich. Excellent sandwich, better than the Turnagain Arm Pit.

After lunch it was on to Seward and a hike up to Exit Glaicer. The trail is a easy hike, so to make it more difficult we all stayed in our riding gear. Note to self do not hike again in insulated riding pants. The sun was in the wrong spot to get some good shots of the blue glacier ice,  and it only lost 138 feet last year. So another trip is a must.
Full tanks empty bladders north bound back to town zumo sez top speed…


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