Wednesday, April 4, 2012

This Town Ain't Got No Hat Size

In 2009 the Anchorage Assembly passed an equal rights ordnance that added equal rights protection for homosexuals and transgender humans.  Those of us that are gay, and folks that believe in equal rights for everyone. We were pretty happy that after years of attempting to get this into  the city code, and after months of mostly-ugly ignorant, bigoted testimony before the assembly, that equal rights for all  was a reality.
Those against equality would wear red to the assembly meetings. This is eddy burk who used to have a radio call in show on local radio.
The kristians were outraged! They had god on their side, and in November of 2008 the woman they had elected governor, and john mccain had lost the white house to a MAN WITH DARK SKIN. If that wasn’t enough saint ted stevens had lost the election to former mayor of Anchorage Mark Begich. And now HOMOSEXUALS, that could be, might be…well they,  just were not sure, but…  men dressed as women, and women dressed as men, and some in the middle would be using toilets that they shouldn’t, and parading into there churches during Sunday service demanding that they read more than one book, and lesbians could now get a job at the kennels where they left there children for the day, and on and on and on.

Make believe deities work in mysterious ways and the kristians didn’t have to wait long cuz on July 1, 2009 the best t bagger a city can have was elected mayor.

T Bag Dan

The first thing dan did, as mayor was veto equal rights for gays. The second was to make up a financial crises to make Begich look bad and to paint the unions as evil, he wouldn’t talk to the homeless guy camped on the steps of city hall, oh he closed a library that the landlord was going to let the city use rent free for a year, cut positions…  but the thing that made the kristians drool was eliminating equal rights for queers. 

Well the folks that think equal rights are for everyone including homos did a petition drive and got the measure put on yesterdays ballot, and of course the right was enraged

They clamored aboot like before. Preachers preached how being a gay was a abomination, they pounded on the book they read and pointed out in chapter 4 paragraph 7 verse 5 that homos will burn in eternal damnation, and on and on and on…

Well by 8:30 election night as the first returns came in it was obvious who would win the battle for equality.
Darn there goes the siren calling all to mandatory prayer to end abortion. New law here in the town of t.  Hope you don’t get stoned for being late on the first time,

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