Saturday, April 7, 2012

63.546 See You

If it can’t be grown, then it must be mined, that was the faded bumper sticker I spotted on a rusted pick up truck the other day. Those stickers used to be prominent here, but then so were 1979 pick up’s, with easy rider rifle racks.
  Our friends that want to develop pebble mine have been airing this very clever ad on public television.

That spot had to be made for Public Television.
 How many people watching larry the cable guy on commercial tvee are  going to know anything about the Periodic Table Of Elements. Or even care that development of the pebble mine will destroy the Salmon rearing streams of Bristol Bay. The last sustainable natural runs of Pacific Salmon anywhere on the planet!

Copper is one of my favorite metals. I have plans to re do my bathroom. Those plans call for a copper sink basin and shower rod.

Mining for raw material is necessary, and I support urban mining. Did you know that the single largest source of urban copper water pollution comes from the brakes on your vehicle? That’s right. Every time you stop, or use your clutch copper dust from brake pads and clutch plates falls to the road. Rain, or snow melt washes it all into creeks, streams, rivers, oceans, birds, fish, humans….
Pebble project how about building copper collection systems in every city in amerika instead of destroying sustainable resources?

If that is not profitable enough check this out.

Metal, plastic, wood, the photo doesn’t do justice to all the oil floating on the water.

Get your picks. Get your shovels. GET YOUR RUBBER GLOVES, and lets get to mining! Lets keep Alaskan Salmon WILD! Lets keep this planet sustainable!

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