Sunday, April 1, 2012


Day 20 of March the sun was high enough in the sky to start melting our snow. It was only like 20 degrees, but winter the main season of the north had surrendered.

Clear skis made the temperature dip to single digits at night but above freezing temps were on the horizon, and gaining daylight at over 5 minuets a day we jumped to 30 and then 40 degrees, and never took a breath.  This last week of March our roads are starting to be pavement again, and that can only mean that the riding season is fast approaching.

This  Bob Hallinen Photo of Peppermint, Myself, and some other riders north bound in Turnagain Pass quite a few years ago. On a slow news day it was on the cover of the newspaper. The snow in the pass was not as much yesterday.

Did a road trip to Hope this weekend. In the car. The roads still have ice thought I  would  share some scenery.

Chugach Mountains near Portage along Turnagain Arm

Ice Cubes Turnigan Arm Style

Spring Time In Alaska

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  1. Nice. Great times w u as always. That ride that year was pretty spectacular. And how often does one of us make the front page? Lol. Love that shot.