Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lets Say Over And Over And Over Again

The commercial tvee news shows are not what I watch. They are usually nothing but a short “news” story then a hook to get you to endure through the next assault of vigra, and panty liner ads. But the other night a friend had the news on, and the hook was “Congressman makes embarrassing statement” My intrigue was up! What did our congressman forever nra endorsed ding young say now?

Alaskan Congressman Forever ding young

Did he introduce a house measure to bring back slavery? Was it legislation placing all uteruses under government control? Or was it just some clean air-bashing bill?
 I was riveted to the small screen glimmering in the corner.

You could have blown me over with a feather cuz when the news came back on it wasn’t our ding at all it was allen west. Regressive. Florida He had called the democratic members of the house communists. That’s right. Dirty red commies! McCarthyism was back, and Wow Finally a state has a rep loonier than ours. Lets hope they elect him forever like we do!

Thee Regressive are so successful at calling any progressive thinker a Socialist, or Communist that the words have lost their real meaning, and to the uninformed they just mean that socialist woman is evil! She supports the job crushing EPA. Or that commie is un amerikan! And they are going to force you to buy health care insurance. Car insurance too.

  One of the great example of Socialism is powering your computer. That’s right evil socialist electricity generated, and transmitted on electrical grids all across amerika. That infrastructure was put into place by the Rural Electrical Administration.
Yes the REA provided loans at low, low interest rates to, companies like General Electric, Westinghouse, and even or own Chugach Electric, to put power in our lives!

And what about those communist. Marxist theory is based on human needs not wealth.
Wait that sounds like a better idea than having an economic system built on unsustainable Consumption.
Perhaps Marxism got a bad name because it was administered by murderous insane dictators?

Facts do not matter now lets just say over and over again that any program that benefits unions or working people is bad. Say over and over again Socialism is bad. Replete after me Obama is a alien.

Everyone now! Even you in the back of the room say it over and over.
Women should have no say in reproductive issues.
Say it , Over and over and over again.

Good. Very good. Believers all of you.

 Now then, it is not a stretch to believe that this is clean air. Good to breath. Nothing harmful to human lungs.

Yuganskneftgaz Russia
Photo swiped from Vanity Fair

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