Friday, April 20, 2012

Green Up

Hillsides that were brown on Monday now are noticeably getting green.
The swans, geese, golden eyes, and mallards, are back. Those little long leg, long beak shore birds from as far away as South America,  they are back too.
People that care about grass, and can see where theirs is, are raking and watering already.
My strawberry patch is still mostly covered by feet of snow, but around the edge green leaves are popping up through the mulch.

Those berries taste so good. Way sweeter than you can get store bought. They are completely organic and only fertilized with bunny poop courtesy of Heada Hopper our feral bunny that survived the winter.

Earth Day is Sunday The Theme this year is Mobilize The Earth

Idealism may linger in the Earth Day Movement but here in the north we need to change the name from Earth day to.  flat earth day. That’s right I used to think we could change our ways, but in 42 years of Earth Days regressive politicians and a system of consumerism has tipped the scales against sustaining the things that keep us alive. 

Flat Earth Day is the future. Give me huge gas guzzling vehicles that get 4 mpg on a good day. Give me buildings with so much heat loss that no snow will stick to their roofs.
Give me residents that have god on their side and think climate change science is a liberal plot.
Give me copper and coal mines that destroy natural runs of Salmon. 
Give me a flipping paved multi lane highway to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuse

Drink That Gasoline Boy....Drink That Gasoline. That's the call to drive to the coast celebrate flat earth day,  and see if you can see the edge of the world.

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